Offical Mortgage Consultant for SUNY Manhattan

With several members of the NorthStar Funding executive team being SUNY Alumi, we’re honored to be the official mortgage consultant for SUNY Manhattan’s employees. We understand the commitment that the employees of the SUNY system have to school’s cause and our main goal is allowing them to continue to keep focus during the mortgage process. Our team of qualified and experienced loan professionals are dedicated to ensure that we put every member in the best possible program with the best chances of success. We offer a wide variety of loan programs ranging from your standard Conventional, FHA and jumbo products for borrowers with sufficient W2/Tax income to also providing loan programs for Doctors just getting their careers started but have a considerable amount of Student Loan debt, all at with the most competitive rates in the industry.

As a token of our appreciation to the employee’s of SUNY Manhattan, we’re offering a $325 benefit at closing. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to

  • No Application Fee
  • Free Credit Report
  • $250 Credit Towards Appraisal Fee


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