Rental Income Loan

If you are a landlord and your only source of income is rent, NorthStar Funding has the resources to help you.

Loan Term:

  • 30 Year Fixed

Income Documentation:

  • Rental Income
    • Signed and dated personal tax returns, including Schedule E, for most recent tax year
    • Copy of current lease
    • 3 months rental payment verification
    • Evidence of security deposit from tenant (if leased)
  • Occupancy:
    • Non-Owner Properties for 1 – 4 Units
  • Property Eligible
    • 1-4 Units
    • Low/Mid/High-Rise Condominiums and detached (site) condos, Fannie Mae Warrantable
    • Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)
    • Non-Warrantable Condos
  • DTI Ratio for Property
    • For this product, the debt-to-income ratio is only calculated on the subject property. Only the PITIA and rental income of the subject property are considered.  No other income or debts are used in this calculation.

Eligible Transactions:

  • Purchase
  • Rate & Term (Limited Cash-out) Refinance
  • Cash-out Refinance