I had been working with a Mortgage company to assume the mortgage that my son, my husband and I held with my son’s ex-wife.Their contract stated in black and white that the mortgage was definitely assumable. I applied to Nationstar and they quite frankly jerked me around for 16 months, asking for the same paperwork over and over again. It was insane.Each of our credit scores is between 750 and 775. You’d think they’d jump at the opportunity to continue with people who are never late with their payments. There were reams of ridiculous correspondence. We needed help!

I contacted Northstar and worked with Joe Pisa. I was ready to close in 6 weeks after initial application. Even with the paperwork we needed (which we had on hand having sent it to Nationstar 4-5 times) the office staff stayed on top of our loan and made it easy and efficient to do business with them.

The happy ending to this nightmare was that Northstar closed us a few weeks ago, with the closing agent coming to OUR office after 6pm. We were able to go to business that day and were not inconvenienced at all. If you need plain talk mortgage people, these are your guys. Scarey enough to apply these days without feeling like you’re sitting in the principal’s office.

Short and sweet, if you need mortgage help, call Joe Pisa. Joe and his staff communicate well by email, text or phone. Be amazed…..not only to they get back to you, but they are there with you every step of the way. Thanks team for waking us up from our 16 month nightmare. You truly saved the day, you’re our mortgage super heroes.

Anne Rich