Some people may think, how can it possibly ever be fun working with a mortgage broker?  Well, Mike and Joe at Northstar are the perfect examples of an upstanding professionals who are down-to-earth, empathetic and honest.  Working with Northstar was a complete blessing.  No matter how long and tedious this process got, Mike Gliottone made sure I was comfortable and understood everything every step of the way; and when other brokers refused to make it work Mike did. He left no questions unanswered and called me with every single detail, fine toothed and all; I never felt rushed, insignificant or pushed up against a wall with having to agree to things and it’s my belief that being comfortable when working with someone on such a HUGE life changer is of the utmost importance. This review still does not do Mike, Joe or Northstar any justice, I really cannot articulate my gratitude.  Northstar most definitely treated my loan/purchase with white gloves.  My dream of becoming a homeowner came true because of his hard work, dedication and honest-to-god sincere interest in my well-being.  I would recommend Mike Gliottone, Joe Pisa and Northstar to any individual looking to purchase a home.  Again, thank you for being outstanding!

Gina M.