Like many others, I didn’t know where to start on getting a loan. I’ve tried to contact other brokers, but either they didn’t even bother returning my call like they promised, or they kept postponing the appointment with me.

Then, I found Joe at NorthStar Funding here on google and I am eternally grateful I did. Joe set an appointment with me, asked if I wanted to come into the office to meet face to face which immediately made me feel more comfortable in this day in age of virtual relationships. It really made me feel like he wanted to develop a relationship and help my family and I move into our first home. I was honest with him regarding my financial situation, and in return he explained in detail what I needed to do, and how I could improve my profile to lenders for qualifying the loan. I received such valuable advice from Joe regarding my future mortgage loan. The team at Northstar Funding was always there for me when I had any questions.

Joe was great in communicating the sensitive nature of the procedures that underwriters of the loan companies take, which is to make sure that the applicant has enough capital, stable income, a proportional debt-to-equity ratio and good credit score. Keep in mind, I had no pre-existing knowledge regarding the loan process and now I’m able to understand and articulate it to friends who are going through the same process, atleast somewhat

The bottom line is that homebuyers seeking to take out a loan need to be open and forthright with their situation so that their mortgage broker can identify issues before theyre pointed out by the lender. Dont try and lie or sneak information by these people because in the end it will only delay or jeapordize your ability to secure a loan.

We were working with a very very tight timeline, a 30 Day closing, which among people I’ve spoken to was very aggressive but Joe and his team did not falter. They were persistent on both ends of the spectrum, following up with us when we forgot to include a piece of documentation as well as keeping the lender honest. He was very proactive in getting responses from the lender and in the end it allowed us to get our loan done in time.

Joe & Team, you’re awesome! Thank you very much for helping my new family close on our new home and we’ll be back when we upgrade to a new one!

Jess S.